What should be the care of flowering begonia?

What should be the care of flowering begonia?

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Flowering begonia care includes compliance with a number of specific requirements, on the fulfillment of which the condition of your flower will depend.

Begonia and caring for her

This plant does not like when their peace is disturbed. Therefore, you do not need to constantly move the pot from place to place.

Begonia care:

  • the flower grows well where direct sunlight does not fall
  • the optimum temperature for them both in winter and in summer is 18 degrees
  • watering should be regular in warm weather, and in the autumn-winter period it is reduced

Water the begonia with settled soft water. She does not tolerate drying out and waterlogging of the soil. So just keep the top soil layer a little damp.

As for the humidity of the air, then everything types of begonias, do not tolerate spraying, as it causes brown spots on the leaves. If the apartment is hot and stuffy, put the flower pot on a tray with wet moss or peat.

Successful growing begonias depends on the soil composition. It should be loose, nutritious and light. Drainage is required. To obtain a good land mixture, you need to mix sand, humus, peat, leaf and turf soil.

It should be borne in mind that the most common begonia disease are aphids and spider mites. Pests live on the backs of leaves and feed on their juices. To combat them, spraying with a soapy solution of chamomile or tobacco is used.

Thus, home begonia care simple enough. The main thing is to comply with all conditions, and then you will not have any problems with growing this flower.

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