Growing cineraria from seeds and its features

Growing cineraria from seeds and its features

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Cineraria - our plant is quite rare, but finding its seeds on sale is a very real thing. According to those who have already grown this plant, the seed germination is quite good. Growing cineraria from seeds - it's not so troublesome.

Sowing a change for seedlings should be already at the beginning of April., after friendly shoots, the active development of the plant begins. Within a month, cineraria will become recognizable, its leaves will acquire a dissected shape characteristic of the plant, covered with silvery villi, reminiscent of wild gray wormwood in color.

Before planting seeds, you need to take into account some of the features of growing cineraria from seeds - the seeds are planted in the ground, due to their small size, it is undesirable, they can be sown in a pot in moist soil and covered with a film. Seedlings appear after a week, and after a couple of weeks, the seedlings can already be dive into a large box.

Very delicate at first sight after transplant Seedlings of seaside cineraria take root easily and quickly.

Now we know how to rotate cineraria from seeds. And here are a few more serets of this amazing plant:

  • when transplanting, the plants must be removed from the soil with a lump of earth, which in no case should be shaken off.
  • It is advisable to water the plants between rows, without soaking the leaves with water
  • With good care and feeding, cineraria will delight your eyes until the onset of frost.
  • Cineraria is not afraid of drought, withstands the summer heat when grown outdoors with little or no watering.

Cineraria is a wonderful greenery for filling the gaps between flowering plants, it

is an ideal background plant.

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