The castor oil in the photo will not leave anyone indifferent

The castor oil in the photo will not leave anyone indifferent

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The castor oil plant in the photo looks very impressive, often even mistaken for a palm tree! Although, of course, it is not a palm tree.

Castor oil or otherwise Castor belongs to perennials of the Euphorbia family, comes from tropical and subtropical regions. Castor bean flower stalks are very beautiful and give it an even more unique look.

On the Internet castor oil plant in the photo sometimes green, then red. It may seem that its foliage turns red in the fall, as is the case with deciduous trees. But no, these are just 2 different types of castor beans - with green and red foliage.

Castor bean is grown by obtaining seedlings, which are then planted in open ground, since they come from warm countries. Seeds are sown in late February - early March. You can buy them or it is better to use seeds from your plants, collected in the fall. Castor bean seeds are stored for up to 4 years without losing their properties, their germination is excellent.

You need to know that castor oil plant belongs to poisonous plants! Therefore, store seeds where children and pets cannot reach, and also separate from food.

Seeds sprout quickly, almost immediately a powerful sprout 5 cm high appears. When the first true leaves are formed, the seedlings are transplanted into large enough pots or cut 3-5 liter canisters from under the water.

Seedlings are planted in open ground when there is a guarantee that frost will not hit. Castor oil plant does not require special care - it grows by itself by leaps and bounds! Unless he loves plentiful watering and will be happy to feed with a solution of bird droppings.

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