How to grow begonia from seeds

How to grow begonia from seeds

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Begonia is an unusually beautiful ornamental plant. There are quite a few types of begonias that differ in color and size of flowers, as well as in the way they are grown.

Depending on the type of begonia, it is allowed to grow from seed or cuttings... Most flower lovers know how to grow begonia from seeds.

First of all, you need to choose the right variety of this plant, since only decorative flowering and ever flowering begonia varieties.

Begonia seeds are quite small in size: one gram contains about 60 thousand seeds.

For successful germination of begonia seeds, it is necessary create certain conditions:

  • High humidity,

  • Good air exchange,

  • Lowered temperature,

  • Bright lighting.

Sowing the seeds of this ornamental plant is recommended late winter - early spring... Since begonia seeds are tiny, they can be mixed with fine sand to ensure even seeding.

It is recommended to treat the seeds and soil immediately before planting. a weak solution of potassium permanganate... It is best to plant seeds in a low tray.

For begonia seeds you can buy special soil or prepare it yourself by mixing earth, fine sand and peat, and the earth should be twice as large. After planting the seeds, it is advisable to cover the tray with glass. It is necessary to water very carefully in separate drops. Seedlings should appear on the 5-20th day. As soon as they appear, it is necessary to provide a temperature of about 20-22 degrees.

When the third leaf appears, you should perform pick... Re-picking is done two months later, together with transplanting the plant into large pots.

After the first attempt at growing begonias, an amateur florist will know exactly how to grow begonias from seeds.

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