We discuss the cultivation of torenia in detail

We discuss the cultivation of torenia in detail

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Than growing torenia may be different? This plant has beautiful stems. They have beautiful peculiar inflorescences - very fresh in appearance, and the flower seems to be painted with paints.

How to grow Torenia

It is believed that the birthplace of this plant is Vietnam. What about Torenia breeding?

  • It can be transplanted with seedlings;
  • It grows well from seed, and even self-sowing;
  • Avoid temperatures below 15 ° C, although the plant will survive even at 0 ° C;
  • Direct sunlight is not the best option for a flower, although it can withstand bright lighting;
  • Shade flowers during the heat;
  • Immediately after sowing the seeds, it is necessary to put the container in a bright place - then the growth will be more efficient;
  • The annual is watered abundantly enough, but the soil must necessarily dry out;
  • Although the plant was brought from the subtropics, it does not need high humidity;
  • Torenia needs to be fed with complex fertilizer. The procedure is carried out every two weeks. during the entire period of growth.

Here are the basic requirements. It is an annual and does not need to be repotted. In the spring, they sow the seeds from which the seedlings grow. Several sprouts are planted in one pot. Bushiness can be stimulated by pinching the growth points a little. Since the stem is quite flexible, it can be fixed in different ways, for example, with pegs. These are the rules that make cultivation a reality.

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