How to grow tomatoes on the balcony

How to grow tomatoes on the balcony

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how growing tomatoes on the balcony held? You can master not only the sunny, but also the shady side. Loggias and balconies have successfully mastered varieties of hybrids of short and medium-sized types: Kaspar Fi, Semko-98 Fi, as well as varieties Max, Gina.

How tomatoes are planted on the balcony

Planting tomatoes on the balcony consists of several stages:

  • Soil preparation. You can take different types of mixtures that are suitable for tomatoes. The variety "Zhivaya Zemlya" or "Tomatoes" proved to be good;
  • Sprinkle the mixture in pots 8-10 cm, then pour it over with warm water;
  • Seeds must be sown dry, 2 in each pot;
  • After germination, the weaker plant is pinched;
  • Seeds must be sown from 10 to 20 March;
  • Seedlings need some care. Watering should be rare, every 8-10 days; It is not necessary to raise the temperature too much, let it be 18 - 22 ° С during the daytime, and at night - 15 - 1b ° С. If the temperature rises, you will have to open the window, but avoid drafts;
  • Prepare the boxes - boards 35-40 cm high will do, it is better to make them longer;
  • The boxes are placed on the loggias on rack supports. It is much better if there is a shallow trough. Slats are laid out in it, boxes are placed on top;
  • A mixture of peat, turf or humus is laid in the boxes, they are taken in equal parts;
  • In a glassed-in loggia, self-pollination can be accelerated by hand-tapping the brushes of flowers with your fingers. You can tap on the twine with which the plants are attached.

This is how plants are planted. If the weather is hot, frequent, abundant watering is needed. Waterlogging of the soil in the boxes should not be allowed. Also, growing tomatoes on the balcony can be carried out using dressings.

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