Pepper diseases in pictures

Pepper diseases in pictures

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Bell pepper almost every gardener grows in his garden. Seeing pepper diseases in pictures or in photographs, you can independently determine what problem has affected your garden dweller, and then you can easily start to deal with the problem.

Pepper diseases in pictures, unfortunately, they cannot always give a complete picture of the disease. It is useful to look at similar problems on the forums of other gardeners who post photos of their problem plants.

Among the diseases of pepper are late blight, brown spot, early dry spot, black fruit rot, fusarium wilting, black leg. All these diseases are fungal in origin. Also, pepper can be affected by viral diseases in the form of a streak or mosaic, as well as non-infectious diseases in the form of apical rot or leaf twisting.

Diseases or pests can cause significant damage to the plant, significantly reducing its fertility. Therefore, it is very important to carry out preventive work. Among such works, important are all agrotechnical activities - properly water, feed the plant, maintain the required humidity and air temperature. Plants can get sick due to a lack, or, on the contrary, from an overabundance of any nutrients.

If preventive work does not help, then it is necessary to resort to special drugs that will help in the fight against these diseases.

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