How to tie cucumbers?

 How to tie cucumbers?

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You have already planted cucumbers and you see that they have grown so much that they require some kind of support, then it's time to think about it.

How to tie up cucumbers so that heavy fruits do not break the plant?

1. Late garter will not bring anything terrible, but it will be inconvenient to carry out and it will be possible to damage the plant.

2. It should be noted that cucumbers can not be tied up, but left to creep along the ground, however, this will complicate the collection of fruits, since some fruits can simply not be noticed and plus cucumbers are better preserved when tied.

3. There are two ways to tie cucumbers: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal way - this is when two supports are installed up to two meters and higher in height and between them the rope is stretched horizontally in several rows. Choose a rope that is thick and strong, and pull it well. The disadvantage of this method is that it is more difficult for a cucumber to grow upward and, as a result, it spins along a horizontal row, which it could reach. Vertical way - the most acceptable option is when a U-shaped support is placed up to two meters or more in height and then ropes are attached to the horizontal bar at the top and then each cucumber is tied in turn. So each plant has its own individual support, which makes it easier to care, harvest and more convenient for the plant itself.

4. For tying cucumbers you need to use rag rope, which will not damage the stems in strong winds or under the weight of the fruit. The loop of the garter must be made under the second leaf of the plant, and the end of the rope is fixed on the horizontal bar of the support, without pulling the rope tightly or making a strong knot so that it is possible, then tighten or loosen the rope, if necessary. Can be used pegs, which are inserted into the ground and a rope is tied to them, which is preferable, since sometimes a directly tied plant to the rope can "pull up" and pull itself out of the ground.

5. You can use a special grid for a garter of plants, which is served at any garden store. Two supports are placed for it, the net is fixed on them and the cucumbers are tied to the bottom of the net, or simply by wrapping the plant around, then the plant chooses a convenient path for itself.

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