Planting potatoes in Ukraine

Planting potatoes in Ukraine

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In Ukraine, it is necessary to grow only those potato varieties that are in the State Register of Plant Varieties of Ukraine. Of course, planting potatoes in Ukraine is not only about growing exactly those varieties that are state-tested, because many people do not even know about this register. It's just that everyone, by trial and error, chooses the best variety for himself and according to taste and yield.

Planting potatoes in Ukraine also differs in the planting method and the choice of a certain variety, based on the soil and climatic zone: steppe, forest-steppe, woodland. When grown in different zones, potatoes are subject to degeneration due to constant high temperatures, various infections and pests.

Much less degeneration is observed in the woodland zone, therefore, if the seeds are selected with high quality, the potato variety can be used for about 5-7 years. A little more degeneration is seen in the forest-steppe, so in such places it is recommended to change the potato variety every 3-5 years. A strong degeneration is observed in the south of Ukraine, so it makes sense to change the variety every 1-3 years.

In general, in order to achieve a harvest in Ukraine, you must first examine the soil, the area, then select high-quality seed material, and then properly care for and already make the correct selection of seed potatoes from the resulting crop.

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