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The English garden was born in the 700s and no longer uses geometric elements to define the space of the garden, but rather combines natural and artificial elements, to create a space that really has something very natural. Streams, ponds, caves, pagodas, next to a luxuriant nature that although it may appear wild is never uncultivated but is typical of the style of the English garden. The English garden was born in the wake of the Enlightenment conception of nature, which means that it is able to express emotions as seen, without having to add new elements that create rigid and geometric figures like the Italian garden. The watchword in the English garden is its own naturalness and if it seems to the visitor's inattentive eye a collection of disorganized plants and flowers between them, it is not at all like that. Even the English garden in its appearance all so natural presents the same care and dedication to plants, which, however, in this case must not be subjected to rigid patterns. It is a tendency to freely interpret the garden without creating constraints to be respected. An example of the English garden is undoubtedly the garden of Ninfa, where the natural elements are certainly superior to the architectural ones. In this case, man intervenes so that an environment can be created that can always have a pleasantly flowery appearance, and to do this human skill and ingenuity is necessary. The planting act, even if it seems a free scheme, always highlights those that are the needs and the need of the plant itself for what concerns the right sun exposure. The English garden is still rather wild, when you visit, it seems to go into a natural wood, but here the plants receive special care and attention so that they can always look perfect. This type of garden is able to release emotions, and at the same time, even rather elegant, in this "messy" confusion. The English garden is the result of a design work as it happens for the other gardens.

Differences with the Italian garden

The English garden can be compared with the Italian garden to highlight the differences between the two. The Italian garden is certainly synonymous with rigor in form and design of the garden in an architectural function as if it were an element of construction, the English garden, on the other hand, surpasses this rigid scheme, to complement a freer style it's natural". When we speak of naturalness in an English garden, we must not think that it is a disorganized planting on a ground, we can realize it because man intervenes alternating plant species that can guarantee a pleasant effect for the entire duration of the year. aesthetic. The introduction of elements such as waterfalls or ponds contribute to creating such a natural landscape that one even forgets to be inside a garden. This is the magic of the English garden, the visitor feels completely immersed in nature and is perfectly at ease trying the pleasant sound of the water flowing just as if you were in a forest. By comparing the Italian garden with the English garden it is necessary to underline that they are born following two different lines, the first linked to a concept that introduces the garden placing it under a point of view where the space follows very precise forms, while the garden in English it is a sort of contrast to everything, preferring a garden that although it is studied by man does not give the appearance of a garden with "square" shapes.

English garden: How to make it happen

To create an English garden it is necessary to know what is its philosophy, to perfectly integrate natural elements with artificial ones. An excessive presence of artificial elements would end up disorientating attention and concentrating on what is architectural rather than natural. This is a very important constraint, the final result will be perfect if the visitor feels welcomed in a natural space as if he were in a forest but can also take advantage of the architectural elements. Documenting about the English garden and its fundamental notions in order to organize it is essential if you don't want to resort to a specialized company and you want to create a truly unique garden.


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