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Garden fountains are a decorative element of a green space. The roar of the water is very relaxing, as well as being an element that integrates well into nature because it somewhat recalls the image of natural waterways. It is wrong to think that in small gardens it is not appropriate to install a fountain, since today there are also small models that are well suited to green corners. Once the garden fountains were installed inside the large green spaces that surrounded the luxurious homes of wealthy families, today this element of decorum continues to survive, with the difference that the fountains have become truly accessible to anyone. The garden fountains offer a pleasant corner, where you can lie down to sunbathe or relax with friends. The noise of the water is able to break the monotony of silence that often dominates the external spaces; It is pleasant to listen to, without becoming an annoying element. Usually next to them there are benches for conversing in a group.

How does it work

The functioning of garden fountains is very simple: they are connected to a water connection that can be drinkable or not potable, and by means of small pumps a mechanism is activated that creates the gush of water. The same amount of water is always used, therefore the consumption is really reduced. The fountain is always composed of a base that supports, or of a column if it is a drinking fountain, or a larger container if it is a decorative element. The elements that complete a garden fountain are lighting and flowers. Lighting allows for a very particular effect at a distance during the night; flowers instead have an aesthetic purpose.


First of all we distinguish two different types of fountains: those to be placed on the wall and those that can stand on their own. The wall mounted fountains are equipped with a tap and a container plate to prevent water splashing, those that stand on their own usually have circular shapes and are well suited to large gardens. If the garden fountain should be used as a water source, it is preferable to choose a wall fountain, but if you decide to install it as a simple decoration element and you have enough space, a roundabout is preferable. The wall fountain is equipped with a tap to make the water flow, and this makes it a fountain in which the water does not flow perpetually but opens only to be used.


Garden fountains can be chosen in different materials: stone, concrete, synthetic and cast iron. Stone fountains can be purchased already ready or can be made by a skilled worker, choosing the shape and color of the stone you prefer. Being a natural element, it certainly gives the fountain a greater scenic effect, which will fit into the surrounding greenery. Cement is a material used mostly for small fountains; its main advantage is its sturdiness and the possibility of making any shape with it. To make a custom-made concrete garden fountain, it is necessary to create a cast in which the cement is poured, and when it has solidified, the fountain can be mounted. The synthetic garden fountains are very durable and just as easy to clean. The garden fountains in cast iron are very particular and partly reproduce the model of the fountains found in the squares. Cast iron is an indestructible material, used for this function for several centuries.

Material selection

Obviously the choice of material is a matter of personal taste and must also be made based on the 'classic' or modern imprint that you want to give to your garden. The water inside the fountains (we speak in this case of the models used to decorate) can gush or create waterfalls, in both cases the effect is very particular. The gush occurs by means of a pump that allows water to create such particular games; in the case of the waterfall, the water flows reproducing the same dynamics as the natural waterfalls. In this case they complete the garden fountain with stones that contribute to creating a truly striking effect. For those who love a minimalist and a little Zen style, it is possible to choose a very simple garden fountain: some models are already available for sale, to be placed in a space where a stone cockpit and a transversely cut bamboo rod are recreated. Inside, aquatic plants can also be immersed. Garden fountains can be purchased at specialized sales points or ordered from artisan workshops that can make them in any material, including terracotta, marble chips, and any shape.

Fountains: Fountains for your garden

Finally you can come across a section that will soon become your point of reference, at least as regards the choice of fountains. If you have decided to furnish the green corner of your home with an item of this type, in fact, you will not be able to give up our advice for any reason.
What is our purpose? Obviously to make you perceive every facet of the sector, in such a way as to make you always make decisions in absolute awareness. Discover immediately the various features of the internal fountains, up to the wall features and stone fountains. Not enough for you? We will try to get you into a world like that of selling fountains.


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