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Swimming pool maintenance

Swimming pool maintenance

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The pool, to be maintained in a perfect state, requires a daily routine maintenance, and an extraordinary maintenance when it must be cleaned and prepared for the winter period. Whatever type of pool you find in your garden, maintenance must be carried out daily and correctly in order to guarantee not only better use of the pool itself, but also greater durability over time. The filter and the bottom must be cleaned daily.

Cleaning accessories

Usually, together with the pool, a kit is provided that facilitates the various operations, consisting of a rod, a brush for a suction device and a tube. The tube must be inserted at the exit of a skimmer, but to give it more power, the other skimmers must also be closed. Washing the filter is very important because, if it is dirty, it cannot clean the water adequately. Its function is precisely to block the particles that cause dirt. Through the backwash, a specific term that identifies a particular operation, the retained particles are eliminated. To carry out this operation correctly it is necessary to follow certain steps: turn off the pump and select the backwashing function, switch it on again and turn it off only when the water that comes out is clean. Even the filter requires maintenance and care that cannot be neglected, the basket must be removed and cleaned always paying attention to the opening and closing of the various valves.

Bottom cleaning

Depending on the type of pool, the bottom can be cleaned in different ways. In the case of an inground pool, an underwater vacuum cleaner is very useful, but if it is a rather small plastic pool, the operation performed by the filter is more than sufficient. Before operating the pool it is always good to prepare it using specific products. The dirt is removed with these detergents and the limestone with a product specifically designed for this function. It is advisable to avoid cleaning during too sunny days, if it is difficult dirt it is better to repeat the cleaning in several phases. The method of use of the products is specified on the packaging of the same, it is important to follow the instructions in detail. To keep the water clean at all times, check its pH and adjust it if it is not suitable.


With the use of chlorine a general disinfestation of the water is carried out but disinfection can also take place with active oxygen chlorine. To prevent the formation of algae you buy anti-algae products, the more expensive ones do not create foam and are suitable for any pool. If the water becomes cloudy, it means that proper maintenance has not been followed, and it will be necessary to intervene with specific substances, avoiding using the pool during these days. In the evening, if you want to maintain the degree of heat obtained from the water, you can use a thermal covering sheet.

Other cleaning accessories

The small pools, before use, can be cleaned through the use of a screen, which allows you to capture surface dirt that often includes small insects and leaves. Where the pump is external and therefore visible, it means that the pool is not large and this also facilitates constant surveillance. It could happen that the pump becomes malfunctioning due to a fault, so it will be necessary to contact a specialized repair center. If you use a cartridge filter, and the pool is in continuous use, you will also need to replace it because its daily washing will not be enough. Do not place chlorine directly on the bottom of the pool to avoid damaging it. It must always be housed in the special container.

Instructions for proper maintenance

The instructions to follow to always have a perfectly clean pool are often shown inside the packaging if it is a plastic or inflatable pool, otherwise the suggestions are given by the same manufacturer. Particular care must be taken with the swimming pool which must be prepared for the winter period. Adequate coverage along the entire perimeter allows total closure, thus avoiding exposure to atmospheric agents. The same complementary accessories can be disassembled and stored for use the following year.

Constance in cleaning

When the daily maintenance of the pool becomes a norm, then a perfectly clean water level is guaranteed as well as of the tank itself. For those wishing not to have the thought of manually switching on the pump, an automatic timer can be installed, which will start the pump at the set time, but this will only be possible if the pool is discontinued. A swimming pool used daily must always have the filter in operation, because the dirt that accumulates will certainly be greater. Small details also allow for plastic pools to last several years. Furthermore, if you have a doubt about a specific product to use, it is better to contact the center where the swimming pool was purchased because the incorrect or incorrect use of a product could damage it as well as becoming a cause of skin problems.

Swimming pool maintenance: swimming pools: Swimming pool maintenance

The pool becomes more and more the object of desire of all those who have a garden; over the years, among other things, the market has met the needs of even those who wanted it despite having a rather small garden space.
Many models and possibilities. From the ground to the inflatable pools, the dream of the pool is no longer so far away.
Whatever your pool model, however, having one implies spending time on maintenance, in the sense of daily actions that guarantee the best durability of the material with which the pools are built.
The pool requires constant maintenance for both water circulation and disinfection, both for cleaning the bottom and the pool.


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