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Decorating the pool area is as important as decorating the garden, because it is essential to have everything you need for the moments before and after the bath in this area.

Main structures

The pool furniture can only cover the area connected to the pool itself or even the other spaces adjacent to it. Referring to the accessories that we can buy for the pool, we explicitly refer to the ladder, trampoline, slide and other similar games. The structures located in the corner around the pool consist of a gazebo, loungers, and a possible relaxation area.

The gazebo

The gazebo is necessary because it is able to offer a shaded area where it can be repaired during the most intense hours of sunshine. The choice of the model must be linked to the common thread that follows the rest of the furniture. This area is not always used for dining so it often becomes necessary to have two gazebos in the garden: one where you can rest and one where you can eat. The models to choose from are really quite different, ranging from the wrought iron to the wooden structure, with fabric cover or side curtains. As an alternative to the gazebo you can decide to create a sort of pergola, in this case of wood, or use awnings.

The sunbeds

The solutions for the furnishing of the pool area are truly endless, it depends a lot on the space that each one has available. It is however necessary to buy sunbeds, which can also be kept by the pool. If there is not enough space to install a gazebo, then it will be enough to plant tall trees that will still offer a shady area.

The tub

In the event that space is not a problem, you can also create a relaxation area next to the classic pool, where you can insert a mini pool with hydromassage. Hydromassage is an excellent treatment for the well-being of the body and helps above all to relax, and in this way, whether you prefer to just take a bath or just a hydromassage, you have both. Creating a continuous flooring area between the pool and the whirlpool allows you to walk quietly in bare feet and without getting dirty. Alternatively, you can rest both structures on the lawn but it is always advisable to pave the area to create a path to reach the pool. There is no precise rule to follow to create a pool area equipped with every comfort, since every person has a specific need.

The locker room

There are also those who absolutely cannot do at least the dressing area, a place where they can store their belongings and offer this comfort to their friends too. In the locker room you can also keep your towel and bathrobe, so as not to leave these accessories around the garden.

The lighting

The candles complete and enrich the beauty of the pool, they are a natural lighting that can also be combined with a particular artificial lighting, perhaps with spotlights that surround the entire perimeter of the pool.

Furnishing styles

There are different styles of furniture in the pool area. The classic one foresees a greater use of furniture made of wood, since this material brings a little to the Mediterranean style, and you can combine comfortable white cushions. As an alternative it is possible to use a wrought iron furniture, which besides being classic, is also very special, and will draw the attention of those who will bathe in your pool. Lovers of essential and minimalist style will be able to reduce objects to what is exclusively necessary for the furnishing of the pool area, perhaps paying particular attention to plants and flowers. The essential and simple lines define the furnishing that does not need too many colors or accessories, but is however aesthetically pleasing through the use of sunbeds, deckchairs and gazebos of a rigorous style. Summer also means color and joy, the choice of Provencal style means that the decor of your pool area is brightened up by soft tones that are combined with brighter colors, using mainly materials such as iron and aluminum.


It is important, whatever the style chosen, to always proportion the size of the furniture to the space in which it will be placed, to create a pleasant outdoor environment to live with your family and with friends. The costs depend a lot on the type of furniture that you decide to buy, and also on the choice of the elements that you want to insert. Every year this sector allows us to always find something different that knows how to capture the attention of those who love design and are attentive to the detail that makes the difference. It can also be a simple lantern for candles to liven up your garden. This corner, if furnished with taste and style, can always be a pleasant space to use, even as a relaxation area when, due to the temperatures, the pool cannot be used.

Swimming pool furniture: swimming pools: Swimming pool furniture

Deciding to guarantee your green corner a plus as it can be represented by a swimming pool, is not the so-called final step, but, on the contrary, the initial one. Indeed, there are many choices to be made in the margins in a context of this type.
The reference is obviously to the furnishing of swimming pools, with a series of items to be purchased to make a decisive leap in quality. Unthinkable, for example, to conceive a swimming pool without a shower, or a bed in which to carve out one's moments of relaxation. Our task will be precisely to make you discover a series of features on all these products, making them choose, always and in any case, knowingly.


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