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Building the pool

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Building a swimming pool in a private space also means making an assessment inherent to the garden in which you want to place in order to determine its shape and size.
Today various customization possibilities can be realized, which meet the tastes and needs of the customer. The 'classic' system for the construction of a swimming pool involves the use of reinforced concrete, which guarantees an unlimited duration, and offers the possibility of realizing it according to one's desires. The internal covering can be chosen by orienting oneself on the mosaic or on the tiles. When deciding to build an in-ground swimming pool it is also necessary to know the process to be followed and the costs to be incurred. The inground pool falls into the category of building works and therefore, before the beginning of the works, it will be necessary to present the report of activity start. If no communication is received after thirty days, the request can be considered approved. Any rejected request must necessarily be justified. As mentioned earlier, a reinforced concrete swimming pool guarantees unlimited durability, but the work must be carried out meticulously and scrupulously. The ability of the manufacturer and compliance with quality standards are fundamental.

Prefabricated pools

The prefabricated pools, being made with panels, allow a more rapid realization and, if there are water leaks, the PVC covering can be replaced. This is not possible for masonry pools, and it would be necessary to demolish the entire structure. The same is also true for fiberglass pools: even in this case, if it is not possible to replace the PVC, the entire structure should be replaced. It is often said that a pool of any size can be built. However, some clarifications are needed: for a prefabricated pool the size of the panels does not exceed 3 meters in height, while those in fiberglass are present on the market in the shape and size of the mold made. The pool, whatever the model chosen, must always be tested before use, to verify that the entire connected system is fully functional.

Construction phases

Every single construction phase must be carried out precisely, so that the pool can be used immediately. The first phase concerning the construction of a swimming pool is the design, therefore the choice of the area of ​​the garden to be allocated and its installation. Subsequently it is necessary to inquire about the relative permits and the technical aspects to avoid seeing the work in progress blocked. The size of the excavation must be relative to the type of pool chosen: if it is a fiberglass pool, it is necessary to have a protrusion of a different size than a masonry pool. The second phase concerns the casting and laying of the bottom system. The realization usually includes a skimmer system for water filtering. It means that on the wall of the tank there are nozzles that have the task of aspirating anything that represents dirt in the water. It is only after these phases that the pool is covered. In the specific case of the masonry pool it is possible to choose the tiling or the covering with pvc sheet, while, for the fiberglass swimming pools, no covering is necessary. The filling of the pool will help to put the sheet avoiding the folds.


This is why it is always advisable to rely on qualified personnel, able to resolve any problems with operation or construction. However, there are plenty of daredevils and those who decide, on the basis of a minimum of experience, to build their own pool. Naturally in this case the dimensions will be rather limited, the time taken will surely be superior to that which a company would employ, but we can boast of having created a swimming pool with our own hands.

Building the pool: A dream for everyone

Today the dream of having a swimming pool at home is easily achievable for anyone, the offer is so vast. Orienting yourself on models that, while being rather small, are still aesthetically pleasing, you can comfortably bathe in your own garden without having spent exaggerated amounts. Before starting the work as well as requesting a quote, it is also necessary to ask for the costs of maintaining the pool, since proper maintenance is essential to ensure that it is always usable and of unlimited duration.


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