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Wrought iron planters

Wrought iron planters

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Wrought iron is a material that follows processes of craftsmanship. This means that if the planter is ordered directly from a craftsman, it will be possible to make it according to one's wishes. Wrought iron is a ferrous material resistant to temperature changes, widely used for garden furniture. Furthermore, the malleability in the process allows the creation of various shapes and unique decorative motifs. Compared to other planters, those in wrought iron have an unmistakable style that also improves the aesthetic appearance of the garden in which they are located. There wrought iron planter it can be placed both in the garden and on the balcony, its shape can be classic or it can also follow a whimsical design.

Let's start by analyzing the various types of wrought iron planter. The angular planter allows to cover the space of a corner, obviously choosing it in the proper dimension, and it can have a series of supports inside which the vases with the plants will be housed. Unlike other planters, the plant is not poured into the planter itself but remains in its vase, since wrought iron offers only its support. It can be made like a ladder, in order to give the possibility to place more vases, distributed on different floors according to the sun exposure. The plants that have the greatest need of solar radiation will be placed at the top, making sure that they do not cover the lower ones. Only in this way will it be possible to have one wrought iron planter always well taken care of. It is also important to choose the vase that will be exhibited, since wrought iron will hold it only by means of a small circular or square support, according to the shape of the vase itself.Decoration and customization

The planter can have a smooth structure or a worked structure. This means that it can be embellished with small leaves, flowers or anything else. On the market there are models already made of wrought iron planters for which the customer does not have the possibility of ordering the measure unless the store is supplied by companies that offer this possibility. Alternatively, the customer can always present a customized design directly to a locksmith who will make the planter as proposed. Since it is still iron, the planter has a certain weight. We need not fear that they may rust over time due to rainwater, since they are treated in such a way that the water flows through them without causing damage. Wrought iron can also be used to make floor planters with vase holders. In the case of the balcony pot holder, this serves to contain the vase and constitutes the supporting structure for hanging it on the balcony itself. If instead it is a tall planter, it can be worked or simple, but the vase must always be placed inside it.

Wrought iron planters: Wide choice available

Wrought iron continues to be one of the most requested materials for furnishing your garden, first of all because the structures made with it turn out to be very discreet and simple despite the decorations, and also because this material is always the most valuable and elegant. Only by going around the shops will it be possible to realize how wide the choice of wrought iron planters is, since this sector tends to be very diversified as the demand is ever greater. Leafing through the furniture magazines you will realize that wrought iron planters they are really suitable for any type of garden, so if you decide to choose one for a friend, you can be sure that it will be a very welcome gift, since you can decide to place it both in the garden and on the balcony. The possibility to choose between different size wrought iron planters also allows you to purchase more than one to create a corner of the particular garden. There are those who, for example, prefer to place only succulent plants inside them, some instead only flowering plants. Moreover, since it is a structure that requires the use of a vase to be used, when the plant rots, it is not necessary to transfer it all, and the pot will already be ready for a new use. Moreover, if you get tired of that particular planter, keeping it in an enclosed space you should not fear that it could be damaged.


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