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The garden swings make the green space not only more complete but also allow you to create an area where you can relax comfortably. The rocking, in reality, represents something very funny both for the little ones and for the adults. Thanks to its particular structure it allows you to shelter from the sun while rocking, creating a movement that helps you relax and rest. It is really ideal to end a pleasant evening spent with friends, to get together and chat. In recent years, the market has greatly diversified its offer for garden swings. The news consists not only in the different use of materials, but also in different forms, made thanks to constant research in the sector.

Materials and structure

The most commonly used materials for making garden swings are: plastic, wood, aluminum. The plastic swing is certainly the most common and economical, the plastic is a very resistant and easy to clean material that can be left outside without fear of it being damaged. The classic structure of the garden swing consists of a base, in this case made of plastic, and an upper part, called a canopy, which allows shelter from the sun as it is covered in fabric. The seat is covered with comfortable and high cushions for greater comfort. The teak rocking chair represents a more elegant and very sophisticated model, the classic structure remains substantially unchanged compared to the plastic rocking chair. A small difference could be noticed in the size of the canopy which, if it is larger, creates a greater shadow area. The structure is very solid and the wood is treated with specific water-repellent oils that prevent it from being damaged. If there is not enough space inside to store it during the winter, it is advisable to disassemble it because, even if covered with plastic, it could be damaged. The aluminum rocking chair is another must, very light but still stable, and it is, together with the plastic one, one of the most sold models. Leaving it outside could give rise to the problem of rust after a few years. To avoid this problem it is preferable to transfer it from the garden to the balcony for the winter season.


Obviously the choice of the material of the garden swing follows for the most part a criterion tied to a personal taste and to the style that you want to give to the space itself. Companies specializing in the production of outdoor furniture each year offer garden swing seats with a different structure to try to satisfy the need of customers who are always looking for something new. A rather particular type of garden swing is made with a wrought iron structure, fixed as if it were a structure to shelter from the sun, but tied with tie rods to allow the typical movement. The garden swing usually allows three people to sit comfortably, but there are also versions for one person. It is a very welcoming 'armchair' linked to a solid structure that allows it to swing and be sheltered from the sun at the same time. Each rocking can have its own particularity, even in the type of fabric. For example, for the localities near the sea, the shades of blue are preferred, or the classic white and green stripes. The rocking customization allows to combine the same fabric of the hood and the cushions. Being removable cushions it is also possible to wash them very easily and when you are tired of that type of fabric, others can be made to measure even personally.

Space required

The garden swing needs enough space to allow the structure to move in the typical way. If the space is very small, it is better to prefer the one-seat version. The companies specializing in outdoor furniture allow you to choose between very particular and above all design models. Whether the structure is classic, rounded or innovative, the rocker is still an accessory that many wish to have, since it is something that completes and adorns your garden. As far as specialized retailers are concerned, it is good to turn to them only when you have clear ideas to avoid being "enchanted" by the new models. The design has a great influence on the choice of the garden swing, often a minimalist structure is made interesting by the use of particular fabrics.

Garden swings: Costs

The classic models are those that are always very successful because they adapt well to any style. If the choice of garden rocking depends on the price, it is better to prefer a normal model with a fairly affordable cost, since the new products have higher costs. A garden swing can be easily modernized by changing the fabric and, if good care is taken, it can be used for several years.


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