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Balcony planters

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The balcony planter allows you to plant different species of plants, obviously not too large, to prevent them from being adequately contained. The flowers represent a world of color that everyone can decide to place on the balcony without any problem. Some species are able to survive even in winter, if temperatures do not drop many degrees below zero. Otherwise it is better to move the planter inside the apartment, and place it on the balcony only with the arrival of spring. Often frosts and snowfalls are two atmospheric phenomena that greatly affect plant development. Succulent plants, for example, find perfect settings in regions where the summer heat is intense, but if winter is very harsh, it could cause them to die. That is why we must take care of it and put it back inside.

Balcony flower box and privacy

Furthermore, the balcony planter, depending on the type of plant chosen, can provide this space with more privacy. If the size of the balcony does not allow you to have a flower box on the floor, then the same balcony planter can be connected to a wooden grid, where you can grow climbing plants and thus divide the balcony into various areas, the most exposed one , the other more reserved. When the balcony planter remains empty, it is important to empty it and cover it. Generally the vessel that is used has a convex edge that makes it easier to grip.


It is preferable not to use detergents inside the jar, but only water to remove traces of soil. Unused vases can be stacked one inside the other, as is the case for the pot holder, to occupy a reduced space and find accommodation in any corner of the balcony or in the garage.

Wrought iron models

The balcony planter also allows you to choose models made of wrought iron, which are certainly more expensive than aluminum. The wrought iron allows to have a vase housed in a more elegant structure, while the other materials offer a classic structure.

Balcony planters: Planters and available space

The number of balcony planters that can be purchased varies greatly depending on the size of the balcony and the needs of the customer, who, if he wishes to have free space, must necessarily limit himself to using balcony planters that do not fit on the ground. Moreover, without the vase holder, the planter can be used both on the ground on the balcony and in the garden.


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