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The garden sink is an outdoor element that can complement the garden fountain or replace it. The main function of the garden sink is to offer drinking water and a tank where it will be possible to wash vegetables, fruit, but also the dishes used to eat. Today, in reality it is not a very present element since it has been replaced by the most complete structure of garden kitchens. Those who do not wish to purchase a garden kitchen, or who do not have enough space to install it, can always decide to buy a garden sink.

Materials and forms

The materials mainly used are very resistant because once installed outside the house it is certainly not possible to be able to remove it every season. The choice of material depends very much on personal taste. On the market it is possible to find sinks made of stone, ceramic, granite, marble, all materials that, in addition to being resistant, do not require special maintenance. A precaution applies to marble sinks, as the retailer himself will advise against using aggressive substances that could damage the stone itself. The outdoor sink it can be: round, square, rectangular, of different sizes, with or without drainer.

How to choose the right model

The choice of shape sometimes depends on the space available: with a circular shaped garden sink, it will certainly take up less space than a rectangular sink. The choice of buying a garden sink with one or two basins also depends on the use to which it is made. If the garden sink was purchased only to meet the need for a source of drinking water outside, then a small model can also be chosen, especially if the kitchen is adjacent to the dining area of ​​the garden. If, on the other hand, you want to have a garden sink that can also offer the possibility of washing the dishes, then you will need to find an adequate space at the sink where you can connect it, perhaps by choosing it in the version with two bowls and drainer. The drainer is very useful if you have to dry the dishes, but it can also be used as a convenient base.


The installation of a garden sink requires a connection to the water supply, and therefore a system that connects to it, as well as a drain. The operation can be carried out by a plumber or personally, and if the garden was in the planning phase, it is good to establish the area in which you want to place the same sink. So far we have been referring to garden sinks made up only of a tub and a tap, but it can also embody the same shapes and dimensions as a traditional sink in an indoor kitchen. In this case, the chosen material will be steel, and the underlying part can be either opened or provided with a space to hold the detergents. In this case there is certainly a much more complete garden sink, but there is a risk that after a few seasons the underlying furniture may be damaged by rain.

Maintenance in winter

The following applies to both garden sinks with furniture and without, so in winter, for obvious reasons the sink will not be used, so it is advisable to cover it with plastic. This protection will also be used to protect it from rainwater and the passage of animals. When the following season occurs, the garden sink must be washed thoroughly before being used, since food will also be placed in it. Basically, the garden sink is very similar in shape to a wall fountain, but while the latter also has an aesthetic function, if decorated with bas-reliefs or anything else, the garden sink has a very simple and rigorous structure.

Garden Sinks: Simplicity and adaptability

Thanks to its simplicity, it fits well in any garden. Some believe that the garden sink can disfigure the aesthetics of the garden itself, so they prefer to place it in areas that are not very visible, while others, while spending a larger amount to choose it in a more valuable material, prefer to display it in plain sight. The shops that deal with outdoor furniture are also supplied with sinks, so it is an article that is easily found. The costs regard the material with which it was made, its shape and its size, but the market is so different that it will offer anyone the model that best meets their needs. This garden element is also often sold by those involved in the sale of outdoor sinks, so if the model chosen is not sold by outdoor furniture stores, you can contact these other stores. An equally large shop window will be able to offer you the internet, to get an idea of ​​the model you want to buy.


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