Sealing wax

Sealing wax

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Sealing wax:

The sealing wax finish is carried out on wooden furniture that was previously unconscious, polished and finished with a special product to seal the pores. The so prepared wood must be treated with a mixture of alcohol and shellac, a product that will allow us to obtain a polished wood protected from the passage of the anus, but with the visible staining and the texture of the wood. The shellac is dissolved in the alcohol, and distributed on the wood by means of a pad consisting of a large cotton pad covered by a thin piece of linen or cotton, with a very fine weave; soak the buffer so prepared in the shellac and pass the entire surface of the wood to be treated in a circular motion, avoiding to stop, but making a light and continuous movement. Generally, to obtain a polished and well-treated wood, at least 4 coats of shellac are applied, dilunedola more and more.


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