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In the autumn months the caclamini are cultivated as houseplants; let's keep them in an unheated place, or even on the balcony, in a partially shaded, well-ventilated and damp place. To best preserve them at home, we place the vase in a larger container, filled with expanded clay, in which we will always keep at least 2-4 cm of water; in this way the plant has a good environmental humidity. To avoid the development of fungal diseases it is good that the cyclamens are grown where they can enjoy a good air exchange; It is also important to periodically clean up damaged barrels or those withered flowers; we use well-sharpened pruning shears and eliminate yellowed leaves and faded flowers at the base. If our cyclamen suffers from heat or drought periodically let it be soaked by immersion, or by immersing the jar in water up to the rolo and letting it absorb water for at least an hour before removing it and letting it drip well.