Like watering houseplants

Like watering houseplants

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How to water the houseplants:

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like watering houseplants
Especially during the months from March to September, houseplants go through a period of great vegetative growth. During these months it is essential to water them correctly, since they only have the space of the pot to look for the water they need. First of all we use good quality water, possibly rainwater, or, if possible, let the water rest for a while before using it to water, in this way any traces of chlorine, used to disinfect it, will evaporate. We proceed by wetting the ground in abundance, until the water comes out of the drain holes in the saucer; if the ground is very dry we can fill the saucer, and remove any water residue after a few hours, to avoid letting it stagnate. If the substrate has produced a compact lump around the roots and tends not to get wet we can proceed to watering by immersion; then we take a large container, like a large bowl or a small bowl; let us put the vase and fill the container up to a couple of centimeters from the edge of the vase; let the pot soak for a few hours, until the soil, like a large sponge, has absorbed enough water to moisten it all, then let the pot drain before placing it in place. If the climate is very hot we also remember to vaporize the foliage of our plants, especially if they are moved outdoors, using a nebulizer, filled with demineralized water, to avoid staining the foliage.