Seeding in seedbed

Seeding in seedbed

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Seed sowing:

Most plants that can be obtained from seed can be sown using a seedbed. We can use a special light plastic tray, especially useful if we want to sow a large amount of plants; if instead we want to prepare only some seedlings we can also sow them in small plastic pots, or in small containers. It is important that the containers are drilled on the bottom, with special drain holes for excess water. First of all we prepare the sowing substrate: it is a mixture in equal parts of peat, finely chopped, and sand; in this way we will have a light soil, very useful for housing the tender root system of young plants. We can also use the special soils for sowing, enriched with perlite. With the mixture we fill our seedbed in the best way, pressing the substrate; we level the surface to the best and beat the container on the table a couple of times to avoid the formation of air bubbles. Then we proceed watering the substrate, possibly from the bottom, immersing it in a container in which the water arrives at the edge of the seedbed; by wetting the soil before sowing we will avoid moving the seeds once resting on the ground. When the substratum is completely wet we can begin the actual sowing; the small seeds should be spread evenly, if we are afraid of lumping them, we should mix them with fine sand: in this way we will be able to better see the layer of sand and seeds on the soil surface. The large seeds instead are arranged individually on the surface of the soil, or slightly buried. We proceed by pressing the substrate with your hand, so that you can better adhere to the seeds; then we vaporize with demineralized water. The seedbed must be placed in a bright, warm and humid place. To keep humidity at its best, we can cover the surface of the seedbed with food film, or, if it is small, put it in a transparent plastic bag, to be removed as soon as the seeds have germinated. To water we vaporize water under the plastic veil: in this way we will always keep the surface layer of earth moist, where the seeds are.


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