Treatment with white oil

Treatment with white oil

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White oil treatment:

White oil is an insecticide made up of mineral oils; it is mainly used against cochineal, but also against all insects that remain nestled in the branches of our garden plants during the winter. The treatments are practiced in late winter, when the buds of the plants have not yet swollen and the garden is still at rest; in this way the larvae and the first laid eggs are also affected, so as to prevent the insects from developing the first spring generation.
White oil is used in the orchard, on evergreen shrubs, on hedges. It vaporizes directly on the foliage and on the branches, using a manual nebulizer, if the plant of treatment is of small dimensions, or even a nebulizer with a pump on the shoulder if we have to treat for example a hedge or a large shrub. We mix the recommended dose of white oil with water, and vaporize it on the entire shrub, taking care to hit the underside of the leaves, and the interstices between the branches, because the scale insects nest mainly in these areas.