Prepare a pond

Prepare a pond

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Prepare a pond:

It is not so complicated to prepare a small pond in the garden; first of all let's get a shovel, some plastic material to waterproof the pond, a good amount of gravel and some shock-absorbing material to put under the plastic. Then we proceed delimiting on the ground the outline of our future pond; with the help of shovel and spade we dig the pond, at the depth we want, taking care to eliminate any roots, sharp stones, or other impediments, which can go to pierce the bottom of our pond; we dig at least 5-10 cm more than we should. So we lay a thin layer of gravel, so that we can level the bottom and the edges of our pond to our liking. On the gravel we place the non-reversible felt, or other absorbent material, so as to be able to isolate the plastic from the ground. Lay the plastic on the absorbent fleece layer, taking care to leave about 35-45 cm of plastic on the outside of the pond; then smooth the surface of the plastic sheet well, taking care to make it adhere well to the bottom, so that no air bubbles are created. We fill the pond with water and fix the edges of the plastic sheet with metal jumpers, which will be well sunk into the ground, at least 15-25 cm from the water. Then we cut out the excess plastic and mask the edges using tufa stones or even simply burying them.


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