Sow in a warm bed

Sow in a warm bed

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Sow in a warm bed:

Sowing in a warm bed is practiced during the autumn or winter, after having properly prepared an area of ​​the garden as if it were a miniature greenhouse. We identify a small area in the garden, possibly well sunny and protected from the wind; if we have a greenhouse we choose an area adjacent to it, so that on one side it does not receive the cold winter wind. Then get the axes, or the sturdy transparent pvc, at least 1 cm wide, rigid; we work the selected piece of soil thoroughly, enriching it with manure; then we surround a small piece of land with boards, or with PVC, building a fence at least 30-40 cm high. The area of ​​the seedbed depends on how many seeds we wish to bury, for a small vegetable garden a box about 70-80 cm per side can be more than sufficient; if we simply want to prepare some seedlings we can also build a smaller seedbed, possibly with transparent walls, otherwise the planks would shade the earth below. To ensure that our seedbed is naturally heated it is essential that it is equipped with a transparent lid; in a small seedbed we can cover everything with a pvc sheet, fixed to the edges with string or an elastic band; if our seedbed is instead very large we can use a rigid PVC panel, or even glass. Inside the seedbed, by removing the lid, we can place our seeds, directly in the moist soil, or placed in pots or seedlings, so that they can be moved more easily.