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Most of the dendrobium present in the nursery are native to mountainous areas, with fresh winters; they are deciduous or sometimes evergreen orchids, but generally they have a winter rest period. When in autumn the climate becomes cool we interrupt the watering to allow the plant to enter in vegetative rest; it will lose its foliage, but the pseudobulbs will keep us very green: if they get wrinkled over the months, let's water the growing medium lightly. In these cold months we leave our orchid in a cool place, with minimum temperatures close to 7-10 ° C. When in spring they begin to sprout, move it to a warmer place, and we begin to water regularly, avoiding however to leave the substratum completely soaked for long periods of time. If necessary, remove the parts of the plant that have been dried or damaged by the winter rest; and place it in a well-lit place, but away from direct sunlight, which could ruin the foliage.


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