Rouge et Or

Rouge et Or

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This rose bush follows in the footsteps of the still beautiful shrub ET OR® ROUGE, imposing itself again on the attention of the most demanding amateurs in the form of a climber. It is a two-colored yellow rose edged in red. Very vigorous and generous, continuous flowering. As for the height, it can reach 2.50 m. Rouge et or has a very delicate light fragrance.

Rouge et Or: Climbing roses

Climbing roses are a variety much appreciated by rose lovers thanks to their ability to grow vertically. The rouge et or is suitable therefore to cover, as well as other roses of its kind, canopies, pergolas, walls and fences creating beautiful scenarios of great visual impact. Cultivation is not particularly difficult: it prefers exposure to the sun, needs regular irrigation but avoiding water stagnation and is not generally attacked by pests and diseases. Pruning must take place once a year when it is desired to give the rose garden a particular shape and it is necessary to shorten branches and remove dry ones.