Rosa Anna

Rosa Anna

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Sumptuous rose with classic flowers, which open in a full shape, with a "Venetian rose" color. Abundant dark green foliage, good disease resistance. Roses of this variety have a height of about 0.80 / 1 m.
These roses give off a delicate scent that makes them a variety to be known for decorating gardens with a timeless charm.
The Anna rose has suitable flowers to cut.

Rosa Anna: Growing roses

For the cultivation of roses it is possible to have great results even without being great connoisseurs and connoisseurs of the most complex gardening techniques.
Usually roses are hardy and resistant plants that are able to adapt better to the surrounding environment, but, in order to obtain the best flowering and vigorous growth, it is good to plan to choose a very sunny place of planting, so that the plants receive the sunlight during the day. They can also be placed in partial shade, but not in full shade, otherwise the bloom will be compromised.
The idea soil is fertile and well drained with an acid component. It is also advisable to provide a soil fertilizer with organic fertilizer or slow release products to be placed at the foot of the plant.