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Orange: Generalities

It has always been considered a well-wishing tree. His country of origin is China; it seems that, since the twelfth century, a load of fruit started at the beginning of each year
from Beijing directed to one of the
Foochow temples to celebrate sacrifices to the gods. The offer of oranges
the first day of the year meant
wish for happiness, prosperity and
abundance. In the countries of Catholic religion, orange takes on a dual value: fruits and flowers on one side are considered a symbol of purity and generosity, on the other hand if associated with the Madonna they become the emblem of original sin. Witches from all over Europe indicated orange as the heart of their victims. The custom of using orange flowers to decorate the clothes of the brides dates back to the time of the Crusades. Oriental knights gave them to their bride on their wedding day; Saracen traditions attribute the value of fertility to orange flowers.


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