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The Druids used it to hunt evil spirits; Pliny the Elder, in the first century BC, advised him to plant it near the front door, to protect it from the treachery of the wicked. In many northern countries, in the Middle Ages, it was thought that this plant was endowed with a power
superior to that of the aggressors and the ability to protect from the weather in the long dark nights in winter. The holly has retained the meaning of eternity and aggressiveness, given its pungent leaves. It is used to decorate the house during the Christmas period, it is often part of "scacciaguai". There is also a particular variety of holly and that is the South American one, Matи, which has little thorny leaves from which, once dried and toasted, an excellent exciting infusion is obtained.

Holly: The tradition of holly

The holly is one of the symbols of Christmas thanks to its purely Christmas colors is used as a precious lucky charm. In ancient times it was considered a symbol of good fortune, it was slipped into the hair of women during sacrificial rituals, it was hung outside the door to honor the spirits of the forest and in the Nordic countries it was used as a gift to the loved one.


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