Chili pepper - Capsicum annuum

Chili pepper - Capsicum annuum

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Name: Capsicum annuum L. var. longum DC.
Harvest: At the end of summer.
Properties: Stomatic, aperitif, sneezing.
Family: Solanaceae.
Common names: Pimento, horned pepper.

Peperoncino - Capsicum annuum: Property

Habitat: In Italy it does not grow spontaneously.
Parts used: The fruit.
Conservation: They are preserved in tin cans, whole or cut into small pieces. They must not be left in damp places.
Use: Internal use: decoctions and dyeing; external use: infusions and ointments against blisters.
Notes: To combat hair loss, it may be useful to prepare a friction by letting 15 grams of chili pepper soak in alcohol for 10 days. The preparation must then be filtered.


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