Muraiola, Herb Vitamin - Parietaria officinalis

Muraiola, Herb Vitamin - Parietaria officinalis

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Name: Parietaria officinalis L.
Harvest: In the warmer months.
Properties: Anti-calculous, pectoral, diuretic.
Family: Urticaceae.
Common names: Wind grass, murziola, pink stem, variol, vitriol, palatoria.
Habitat: Among the ruins, stones and rubble up to 700 meters.

Muraiola, Erba vitriol - Parietaria officinalis: Property

Parts used: Aerial parts and leaves.
Conservation: The leaves must be dried quickly in the shade and stored in glass jars.
Use: Internal use: juice of the leaves, infusions, decoctions and dyes of the aerial parts; external use: application of fresh leaves against burns and skin inflammation, infusions and decoctions of the leaves.
Notes: The parietaria is useful for cleaning incrustations from vases and bottles: it is sufficient to introduce a handful of leaves, a little water and shake quickly.