Camaleone, Cardone - Carlina acaulis

Camaleone, Cardone - Carlina acaulis

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Name: Carlina acaulis L.
Harvest: In autumn.
Properties: Healing, diuretic, tonic, sudorific, cleansing, digestive.
Family: Composite
Common names: Cardo di San Pellegrino, timepiece, tiroliro, capщ, carlo pinto, articiocc de montagna, evergreen.

Camaleone, Cardone - Carlina acaulis: Property

Habitat: It does not grow above 2000 meters in height.
Parts used: The roots.
Conservation: Once coarsely cut, the roots dry in the sun.
Use: Vinous and alcoholic decoctions and tinctures.
Note: The medical use of this herb must be carried out under medical supervision: excessive use causes vomiting and diarrhea.


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