Calendola, Fiorrancio, Calta - Calendula officinalis

Calendola, Fiorrancio, Calta - Calendula officinalis

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Name: Calendula officinali L. cultivated.
Family: Composite.
Common names: Carnation of Spain, flower of every month, flower of Saint Peter, cappuccina, flower of mort.
Habitat: It prefers the Mediterranean climate, where it can be found in the fields.
Parts used: Leaves and flowers.

Calendola, Fiorrancio, Calta - Calendula officinalis: Cultivation

Harvest: The leaves and flowers are harvested in late spring and summer, when in other words flowering is completed.
Conservation: The flowers should preferably be used as soon as they are picked, while the leaves are dried and then stored in dark and opaque containers.
Properties: Sweating, healing anti-inflammatory, antiseptic.
Use: Infusions both for internal and external use, as well as in the form of decoctions or ointments.
Notes: After carefully cleaning the flowers and drying them, place them in an airtight jar covered with vinegar and let them rest for six weeks. You will get a delicate vinegar recommended for seasoning raw vegetables.


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