Barbarea, Holy herb Barbara - Barbarea vulgaris

Barbarea, Holy herb Barbara - Barbarea vulgaris

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Name: Barbarea Vulgaris.
Family: Cruciferae
Common names: St. Barbara's grass, gradisella, wild rapistogno, marsh rocket
Habitat: it grows well in all areas with a lot of humidity below 1500 meters.
Parts used: fresh leaves and seeds

Barbarea, Erba santa Barbara - Barbarea vulgaris: Property

Harvest: during the whole vegetative period preferring the summer.
Storage: to be used only as soon as it is picked, since the drying treatment facilitates the loss of active ingredients.
Properties: antiseptic, aperitifs, vulnerary.
Use: inside: infusion of leaves, vinous tincture of seeds. Oily macerated exterior of flexes.


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