Bistorta - Polygonum bistorta

Bistorta - Polygonum bistorta

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Name: Polygonum bistorta L.
Family: Pologonacee.
Common names: savarin salvadi, tortorete, lazzuola, amarella, legna de bo.
Habitat: prefers very moist mountain soils.
Parts used: leaves and roots.

Bistorta - Polygonum bistorta: Cultivation

Harvest: the roots in autumn. The leaves are late spring.
Storage: both parts dry in the sun and are kept in ventilated containers.
Properties: astringent, soothing, tonic, antidiarrheal.
Use: infusions and decoctions, both for external and internal use.
Notes: the leaves, if picked in spring, are surrogates of the spinach.


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