Maple with curly leaves

Maple with curly leaves

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Question: Maple that curls the leaves

Hi, I'm Marzia, on my north-facing terrace I have a young maple in a big pot. The leaves have been curling and falling for some time, but the tree is not dry. There is no saucer and it is sheltered by a wall. What can I do? Thanks in advance, Marzia.

Maple with curly leaves: Answer: Maple that curls the leaves

Dear Marzia, Thank you for contacting us regarding the problem on your plant.
Maple is a plant that adapts to harsh climatic conditions so even if exposed to the north it can grow optimally. Most of the aceraceae are then cultivated with deciduous leaves and then the leaf before falling takes on colors changing colors of great ornamental effect.
In the thick array of this species there is a subrace called urchin (A. platanoides) so defined due to the presence of very jagged leaves that tend to curl at their fall that in soil cultivation is in the autumn and winter. In his case being cultivated in pot and in a protected area probably the physiological fall of the leaves has been postponed. The fall of young leaves is very worrying. We advise you to better observe this aspect and in any case ask the supplier of your plant if this belongs to the rare case of race with semi-persistent leaves and then to evaluate any other causes that may have caused them to fall like insects or fungi.
Keep in mind that all the Aceracee, fear the dry and excess water, so it will have to keep the soil moist (not wet) even in winter.
Yours sincerely.