Division of tulip bulbs

Division of tulip bulbs

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Question: Reproduction of tulips for cloves division

Thank you for your answer regarding the reproduction of tulips from SEED ... As I have seen, as you said yourself, that it is a very slow and somewhat complex procedure, I would now like to take advantage of your kindness and ask you, instead, how to do the multiplication of tulips by BULBILLI DIVISION ... Do bulbils normally be bought in a shop? And then, what do you do?

Division of tulip bulbs: Answer: Reproduction of tulips by division of bulbils

Dear Francesca,
as I had already mentioned to you in the previous answer, the reproduction of the tulip by division of the bulbils is much simpler and faster than that from seed.
The bulbils are nothing more than those small bulbs that form on the side of the main bulb and come off when the bulbs are removed from the ground.
They are preserved together with the other bulbs, in a cool and dry place, until the planting.
The small-sized cloves must be planted at a depth of about 4-5 centimeters (and bloom after about 2-3 years).
On the other hand, larger bulbs must be planted deeper (even 10 cm) and bloom after 1 year.


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