Sulfate and ammonium nitrate

Sulfate and ammonium nitrate

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Question: Difference between ammonium sulfateand ammonium nitrate

I would like to satisfy you to know the difference that passes between ammonium sulfate and ammonium nitrate, more than in chemical terms, thinking to be right in saying that the first is based on sulfur and the second based on nitrogen, I would like to know if their effects on the plants are different and if so what are they?

Sulfate and ammonium nitrate: Answer: Difference between ammonium sulfateand ammonium nitrate

As for the third question, it is necessary to premise that the organic nitrogen (present in plant and animal residues) is transformed into ammoniacal nitrogen and then into nitric nitrogen due to the effect of specific microorganisms. Only in the nitric form does the nitrogen be considered assimilable by the plants.
The availability of assimilable nitrogen is linked to the activity of the bacterial flora and seasonal conditions.
The nitric ion is immediately usable by the plant but is easily dispersed in the soil. On the other hand ammoniacal nitrogen is soluble in water but is well retained by the absorbing power of the soil. However, it is not intended to be immediately absorbed by the plant. Given this, one can understand the different way of working (and therefore of use)
of the ammonium sulfate compared to ammonium nitrate.
The ammonium sulfate (so called because, in addition to about 20% of nitrogen, it contains about 25% of sulfur) is the traditional fertilizer used for bottom fertilization (being able to be fixed by the absorbing power of the soil).
Ammonium nitrate, on the other hand, contains half nitrogen in nitric form (ie it can be immediately used by the plant) and half in ammoniacal form. In this way the readiness for action of the first form and the non-weakness of the second are combined. It is currently the most commonly used form for commercial products.