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Question: Sowing

I'm at the first experience so I ask you for help advice to grow tomatoes by sowing also I have been planting cayenne peppers for a month but still not a single plant is ticked because?

Sowing: Answer: Sowing

Dear Iacopo,
We thank you for contacting us about the sowing questions, through the "" expert's column.
Sowing is the simplest method to multiply plants. However, this practice has some fundamental rules to follow.
First of all, you must have seeds that have a good germination (the older they are, the less their germination capacity is).
Evaluate the type of seed the size.
We recommend using a jar for each type of seed. Generally the smaller seeds will only be deposited on the ground and then covered with a layer of peat.
The seeds a little bigger will be buried a couple of centimeters.
Afterwards you must wet the surface with a watering can and keep the humidity constant. To maintain humidity it is advisable to cover the vase with a glass plate to be removed every morning to let out the condensation accumulated during the night.
The temperature maintained until complete germination at 15-18 ° C.
The best sowing period is related to the conditions listed above, therefore normally related to the spring or autumn period. In his case it is not specified when the sowing was carried out, the mode and the conditions of sowing, therefore the fact that the seedlings have not yet been checked could be due to an incorrect humidity, temperature and brightness, or to the fact that it is not after the time required for the seeds to germinate.