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Succulent watering after repotting

Succulent watering after repotting

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Question: Watering of succulent plants after repotting

Do succulent plants have to be watered when they are repotted? and why?
Massimiliano Bosisio

Succulent watering after repotting: Answer: Watering of succulent plants after repotting

Dear Massimiliano,
the best time to repot succulents is probably the month of March. So if you need to repot some of your succulent plants I suggest you do it at that time. Coinciding this moment with the vegetative resumption of most of the succulent plants surely, once repotted, it is the case to water them regularly. During the spring-summer period the best position for succulent plants is outside in a sunny position. On very hot days it may be necessary to wet them every day. Contrary to what one might think, in fact, even succulents during the growing season have
need a lot of water. In any case, always avoid water stagnation (which could cause the roots to rot) and wet only when the earth is dry. For more precise information it is essential to know the plant species
that you want to repot and the place from which you write. Do not hesitate to contact us again if you want more information.