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Question: Carmona microphylla

Hi, I received a bonsai as a gift and I would like to know more details about what I read on your site, which I think is very useful: Can I contact you or the expert? his e-mail courteously? Anyway the bonsai and the Carmona !!
Thank you, see you soon

Question: Carmona microphylla

Dear Gianni,
Thank you for contacting us about your bonsai questions via the Expert's section of.
The Carmona Microphilla, commonly known as CARMONA, belongs to the borraginaceae family and is native to China.
It is a plant cultivated as indoor bonsai and is characterized by leathery leaves, serrated at the apex, bright.
Small white flowers that can give bright red fruits.
It is an evergreen plant, therefore it must be watered often but not excessively because it suffers water stagnations, it needs regular and light fertilization, but not direct.
Yours sincerely.


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