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Cherry tree

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Question: cherry

I live 5 km from Belluno. I planted a cherry tree about 3 years ago (Duroni). It produces few flowers and consequently very few fruits (a few dozen) how come? Best regards to all of you.

Cherry: Answer: cherry

Dear Mr. Roberto,
Thank you for contacting us about the cherry problem via the address book.
The fruitlessness on its cherry tree may depend on various causes including pollen compatibility, so much so that there are varieties declared self-fertile, and others defined as self-sterile or that are not able to self-fertilize and therefore cross-fertilization must be used only with specific varieties and that bloom at the same time.
There are also other causes of unproductiveness in addition to environmental ones (rainfall and cold at flowering) and pathological causes such as fungi of the genus Monilia on flowers and fruit trees and others of physiological nutritional order, such as the lack of various microelements that focus on fertilization with particular attention to Boron.
Not having specific references on the causes of potential infertility of your plants, we currently recommend only nutritional interventions in order to better prepare the plants for flowering next year.
Yours sincerely.