The maintenance of the lawn

The maintenance of the lawn

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Lawn maintenance

When the grass in your garden reaches 7-8 cm, the first cut will be made. Given the delicacy of young plants it is advisable to use helical cut machines, or use lawn mowers, making sure that the blade is well sharpened. After the second cut the grass will tend to pile up and you can pass it with a normal lawn mower, every ten days until October. There are some main rules to follow, not forgetting that every type of sown mixture has a different growth, resistance to the sun and water:
remove the weeds, this is obtained with different techniques (see weeding techniques)
make cuts in a short time, to avoid yellowing due to lack of light at the grass base


It is advisable to irrigate with large volumes of water at longer time intervals, this to push the plant to produce deeper and stronger roots, able to absorb more nutrients.

Air the lawn

Air the soil at least once a year if necessary. For aerating use rakes with vertical blades to remove dead seedlings due to possible herbicide treatments and to break the crust that forms on the ground due to heavy rain and foot traffic. It is also possible to use air-handling machines or core drills, which pick up a core of earth to increase air circulation at the roots.

Lawn maintenance: Lawn fertilization

Fertilizing well is essential for having a good turf, it is not necessary to use large doses of fertilizers, what is needed for a good result is constancy. Make more fertilizations per year with low doses of chemical fertilizers, the fertilizer must be ternary and containing micro-elements, fundamental for the lawn is the presence of iron, which allows the roots to absorb the nutrients we are going to supply. If the soil structure is in good condition, the use of organic substances such as manure and humus is not recommended as they could be rich in weeds and parasitic fungi.
In the autumn and winter period, it is advisable to collect the fallen leaves from the trees systematically, this to avoid the onset of dangerous fungal diseases and yellowing due to the lack of grass light.


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