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American Agave, Giant Agave, Garden Agave - Agave americana

American Agave, Giant Agave, Garden Agave - Agave americana

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succulent plant native to Mexico, widespread throughout the Mediterranean area and in many temperate places on the globe. It consists of dense basal rosettes of fleshy, triangular, arched leaves, 100-150 cm long, 15-20 cm wide, bluish-green, or creamy-white variegated. The plants can reach two meters in height and are very long-lived, the specimens of 15-20 years of age produce a panicle inflorescence, carried by a stem even 2-3 meters high, made up of light yellow tubular flowers; after flowering the plant dies, leaving many basal shoots that develop as single plants. The plant is edible and is used cooked or raw in folk medicine; the sap rich in sugars is used as a diuretic syrup, or it is fermented to produce tequila.


place the agaves in a sunny, very bright place; in general they can withstand temperatures close to -10 ° C, but only for short periods, therefore in areas with very cold winters they must be repaired with tnt, or placed in a cold greenhouse. The agave can also be grown in a container, in this case they hardly exceed a meter in height.


these plants are satisfied with the rains and endure even long periods of drought without problems. If grown in pots they need sporadic watering from March to October. During the vegetative period it is possible to supply fertilizer for succulent plants every 20-30 days.


use a very well drained soil, rich in sand and coarse grain material, to allow greater drainage. They generally prefer slightly acid soils. Specimens in containers should be repotted every 3-4 years, being careful not to damage the roots


the seeds are buried in spring, in seedbars that must be kept moist and in a sunny place. Generally the agaves propagate removing the basal suckers, which root very easily.

Agave americana, Giant Agave, Garden Agave - Agave americana: Pests and diseases

pay attention to aphids and cochineal.


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