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Barbados gooseberry - Pereskia aculeata

Barbados gooseberry - Pereskia aculeata

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It is a genus comprising 15-16 sepia of primitive cacti, the only ones that still have true leaves, originating from Mexico and Brazil, climbing plants; in nature they reach heights of over 9-10 m. They have thin, woody stems, which with age are covered with areolas with spines up to 5-8 cm long; they have large dark leaves, cuoiose, pointed ovals, which usually fall in winter. In summer it produces inflorescences consisting of numerous fragrant flowers, white, pink, yellow, red or purple. In autumn the flowers give way to fruits, small yellowish, edible berries.

Barbados gooseberry - Pereskia aculeata: How to water it

They prefer very bright locations, but it is advisable to place them in shady places during the hottest periods of the year. They can withstand short periods of frost, but the ideal minimum temperature is around 10 ° C; in winter they should therefore be kept indoors or in a separate greenhouse. Watering: during the vegetative period, they should be watered regularly, leaving the soil to dry slightly between one watering and another; with the onset of cold, we advise you to reduce the watering, until they stop compkletamtente in the winter months. From amrzo to October, provide fertilizer for cactaceae dissolved in the water of the watering every 30-35 days. Land: use a very well-drained soil rich in organic matter, composed of balanced soil, composting soil and sand in equal parts. : it can take place by seed, in spring, or by cuttings; the cuttings of Pereskia they must be rooted immediately, they must not be dried like all the cuttings of the other cactuses. Pests and diseases: the Pereskia they are often attacked by aphids and cochineal.


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